La Tienda del Aloe

La Tienda del Aloe

19 years selling Aloe vera



equipo ltda La Tienda del Aloe is an online store with exclusive internet presence, specializing in cosmetic products and specific treatments prepared with Aloe Vera, which was established over a decade ago in order to provide a rapid and comprehensive response to the high demand of our products.

In September 2000 we started our journey in the online sale by Internet. Our initial desire to deliver our products to any place, was achieved shortly after the first two years. Customers were extended by the almost all of our geography and, thus, the final consumer could benefit from the use of our products.

After five years, our customer base had expanded beyond our borders, reaching most of the countries of the European Union.

Today, thanks to the work and professionalism of our entire team and, of course, to the confidence of our customers, we continue to be leaders in the online sale of cosmetic and treatment products made ​​with aloe vera and other natural ingredients.
Thousands of customers through this medium have relied on our quality and service of our success, and over 60% of them repeat purchase, satisfied with their choice.
This makes us proud of the work done, while encouraging us to improve every day.

La Tienda del Aloe sells only products made from Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) 100% pure from the Canary Islands, with brands such as DMT and Bionatural PM
Bionatural born in 1991 with the purpose of offering products made from medicinal plants from the forests and especially the Aloe Barbadensis Miller. All their products are obtained from a careful process of collection and treatment, in which the premium quality components above all.transaloevera
Their quality is backed by years of success in the traditional trade and certified by Transaloevera.

La Tienda del Aloe is managed by Comserpro group, who also is responsible for all business management.

La Tienda del Aloe
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